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Dylann Roof will undergo another mental health evaluation, competency hearing

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Columbia, SC, United States (4E) – The self-proclaimed white supremacist and accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof was ordered to undergo another mental health evaluation as an abundance of caution.

Roof is accused of killing nine black parishioners last year and Federal Judge Richard Gergel was the one who ordered the evaluation. Gergel pointed out that there is no reason to delay or cancel the trial’s sentencing phase despite the mental health evaluation. The sentencing phase will begin next week and Roof will be representing himself. The evaluation will be made over the weekend. The ruling on his competency will be on Monday.

A jury found Roof guilty on December 15 on the 33 counts that included hate crime and obstruction of religion. The sentencing hearing will decide whether he will die or be penalized with life in prison.

The order for Roof to undergo another mental health evaluation was made after his legal counsel filed a motion on Thursday asking Gergel to determine whether the defendant is fit to proceed with the sentencing phase. Gergel granted the motion. The motion also came a day after Roof noted that he will be representing himself in the sentencing phase and that he planned to offer an opening statement. Roof also said that he will not be calling witnesses or submit evidence for his defense.

Roof said that he will not present evidence so that information will be kept out of the public domain. Gergel , however, said that once proceedings are over, the documents might be available to the public as they have the right to know.

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