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Drake Bell spends one day behind bars for DUI conviction

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Fourth Estate Staff

Glendale, CA, United States (4E) – Drake Bell has spent one day in jail marking the end of his sentence for his DUI conviction that stemmed from a 2015 incident.

The “Drake & Josh” alum was charged in January for a drunk driving arrest in Glendale, California in December 2015. Accordingly, he was supposed to stay behind bars for three days after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor DUI. However, he just served one day behind bars and was released on Saturday.

This is Bell’s second DUI conviction. Bell is also sentenced to four years of probation due to his latest conviction.

The 30-year-old actor turned singer was stopped by police officials at around 2:20 A.M. during the December 2015 arrest. Authorities allegedly witnessed him driving erratically and an official who pulled the star over said that he smelled alcohol coming from the vehicle that Bell was driving.

Bell also admitted that he refused a chemical test during the second arrest. He has agreed to complete an alcohol treatment program.

The first DUI conviction of Bell was in 2010 stemming from his 2009 arrest in San Diego. It is unclear why Bell spent only a day behind bars since in California state law, a second DUI conviction within a 10-year time span, the suspect must be sentenced to a minimum of four days in county jail.

Before Bell spent time behind bars, he took his music on the road for a number of concert stops all over the United States and Mexico. In September 1, he performed in Hollywood. He is also set to headline the 2016 High School Nation tour set to kickoff Sept. 26.


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