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Donald Trump and the Art of confusion

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Have you ever wonder why Donald Trump always seems to be made of  contradiction? If you ever listen to his speech you will find most of them to be void of any specificity, his policies proposal are unguided in any meaningful steps and often contradictory and his whole approach is one rather confusing to any objective person whom is neither blind flower or avid proponent of this man.

If you go back and watch to any Donald Trump speech or campaign stump you will come to the realization that Donald Trump is nothing more than Captain hindsight, a good example of this is the terrorist attack that took place in the pulse night club in Florida Donald Trump’s response that incident was We should’ve never let perpetrator in the United States, never mind the fact that the perpetrator was U.S born, one other thing he mentions a lot and his fans admire him for it is his U.S. Muslim Entery ban. People should ask him who will this work? What if someone who is Muslim lies in order to travel to America is there a method to deter this? What about the thousands of foreign Muslim pilots that land in our major U.S. cities everyday, will this effect those national airlines? People don’t ask him so he spews nonsense and the sad thing is there is whole sects of this country that happily consume his nonsense.


It is not only his Captain hindsight behavior that is troubling it is his lack of direction in his approach to policy, you have a whole team that is dedicated to telling American people what Donald Trump meant when he says something contradictory to his supposed policy, and in some strange instances Donald Trump will go against his advisers and spin masters and take that new position and claim he never held the previous position before.

In this strange period America will have a very confusing dysfunctional administration where Donald Trump will run his government the same way he did with his apprentice show, he will be the judge and they will be vying for his approval, he will bid them against one another and we will have a branches of the executive competing against one another with public feud once in a while. I will also predict to you this incoming administration will have the highest turnover rate in American history.


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