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Deaf man shot, killed by North Carolina trooper after traffic stop

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Charlotte, NC, United States (NewsBahn) – A deaf man was shot and killed by a North Carolina trooper after a traffic stop Thursday in what the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation described in a statement as “an encounter.”

The state trooper involved was reportedly Jermaine Saunders and Daniel Kevin Harris is the name of the deceased man.

The driver was said to have left his vehicle in the incident and the trooper has since been placed on leave as per department policy.

“An encounter took place between the driver and the trooper causing a shot to be fired,” the statement read.

A neighbor took issue with the trooper’s actions, however.

“They should’ve deescalated and been trained to realize that this is an entirely different situation,” Barringer told NBC affiliate WCNC . “You’re pulling someone over who is deaf. They are handicapped.”

Some are calling for a revision of DMV registration systems so that a police stop can be handled differently in the case of a deaf person.

“With this change,” a post on a crowdfunding page for him read, “Daniel will be a hero in our Deaf community.”


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