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Davon Godchaux of LSU suspended indefinitely, arrested after having argument with girlfriend

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Baton Rouge, LA, United States (4E) – The defensive tackle of Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers was arrested after having an argument with his girlfriend, which turned physical, resulting in him being suspended indefinitely.

Davon Godchaux , a junior, was arrested on Monday morning for domestic abuse, battery or child endangerment, and false imprisonment. Accordingly, the girlfriend of Godchaux , who is also the mother of his 10-month-old baby, was the victim in the situation. However, the two have stated conflicting stories so she was also charged with a misdemeanor summons for domestic abuse battery or child endangerment.

The victim claimed that she and Godchaux got into a battle at his apartment located in Nicholson Drive. The argument was said to be brought about by infidelity in their relationship. Godchaux reportedly said that they should just separate and the victim became increasingly upset with what he said.

The victim noted that she tried to leave his apartment with the child. However, Godchaux allegedly grabbed her by the hair and also grabbed her by the shoulder. She added that Godchaux tossed her backwards near the couch.

Godchaux reportedly had cuts on the inside of his mouth while the victim’s lips appeared to be swollen. She also had red marks on her throat.

Godchaux has been released from the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison in Louisiana on a $20,000 bond. LSU Communications Director confirmed that Godchaux has been suspended. Godchaux has started 26 games for the LSU tigers for three seasons now. It is unclear if he will still be allowed to play.


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