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Clinton says cyberattacks should be taken seriously, Kaine slams Trump calling on Russia to help in Clinton e-mail scandal

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Fourth Estate Staff

Washington, DC, United States (4E) – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said in a recent statement that the United States showed great restraint regarding the cyberattacks carried out both by state and non-state actors but she noted that the threats should be taken seriously.

Clinton said that a Russian attack on the U.S. election system is unthinkable adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be “quite satisfied with himself” if it is true that he ordered hackers to hack into the U.S. system. Clinton pointed out that the U.S. has to let hackers know that they are not going to let anyone interfere with the decisions of the American people.

The comments of Clinton came after intelligence reports said that Russian-related hackers might have been responsible in the hacking of the emails days before the Democratic National Convention last July. In the emails, many Democratic officials said that they favored Clinton over her then-opponent Bernie Sanders.

GOP nominee, Donald Trump, recently said that Russia should look for the supposed 30,000 missing emails of Clinton when she served as the Secretary of State under the Obama administration. Clinton said in response to this, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”

More on Trump’s comments, Clinton’s running mate, Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine said that the real estate mogul’s comments about Russia possibly finding Clinton’s missing 30,000 emails could be compared to the 1972 Watergate scandal. The scandal is about the Democratic Party headquarters in Washington being burglarized under Richard Nixon’s reign.

Kaine added, “He has openly encouraged Russia to engage in cyber hacking to try to find more e-mails or materials, and we know that this cyberattack on the DNC was likely done by Russia. A president was impeached and had to resign over an attack on the DNC during a presidential election in 1972.”

Trump has been attacking Clinton’s use of a private email server as well as her health and her capacity to run the U.S. Clinton, on the other hand, believes that Trump is not capable of ruling the U.S. due to his views on many issues such as terrorism, Muslims, and immigration.


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