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Clinton campaign dismisses Trump’s attack regarding her health issues, calls rumors deranged conspiracy theories

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Fourth Estate Staff

Washington, DC, United States (4E) – Hillary Clinton and her campaign team commented on the recent statements of GOP nominee Donald Trump regarding her health and they said that his conspiracy theories are deranged.

The issue about Clinton’s health has been the talk of the town since her concussion back in late 2012 and Trump pointed out recently that the Democratic candidate is hiding something regarding her health making her unfit to rule the United States. Aside from the physical stamina of Clinton, Trump also questioned the former Secretary of State’s mental health.

Clinton and her campaign team then challenged Trump to release his medical records in order to see who is healthier between the two candidates. Joel Benenson , an American pollster and the chief strategist for Clinton’s campaign, said in a statement that Trump knows that Clinton has no issues with her health and it drives “his ego crazy that she’s outworking him, out-thinking him, connecting better with the Americans voters about the issues that matter in their life.”

Benenson also assumes that Trump attacks Clinton’s health because he is getting battered by her in the polls. He added, “I think because he’s a man who’s feeling kind of — you know, a little at a loss right now. He’s been unraveling for weeks since the convention, going after the family of a fallen war hero, a man who gave his life to safe his troops for this country.”

The long time physician of Clinton, internist Lisa Bardack , also released a statement denouncing Trump’s statements. She said that in the released medical statement last July 2015, it indicated that Clinton is in excellent health. Bardack added that the health of Clinton has not change after more than a year since she released the medical statement.

Photos of Clinton sitting on various pillows during different public appearances have also circulated on the internet. Many suggested that the pillow provide the much needed support since Clinton is accused of being in “dire condition.” Another conspiracy theory that circulated about Clinton’s health as of recent is about the chairs that Clinton uses as crutches. Accordingly, she was seen doing such in countless speeches. The hashtag “# HILLARYSTOOLS” was used to make the topic trend.

Trump also recently said on Wednesday when he spoke to Fox News’ Sean Hannity that Clinton sleeps a lot and takes numerous weekends off. He accused her days ago about needing four to five hours of sleep during her campaign.


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