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Child of one of the couples in Alabama plane crash pens message about loss, faith

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Oxford, MS, United States (4E) – One of the children of one of the three couples who died in an Alabama plane crash earlier this week took to Facebook to talk about her loss and her faith.

Sarah Perry of Mississippi took to the social networking site to talk about the death of her parents and the two other couples who also left their children parentless. The parents of Sarah are Michael and Kim Perry, who died together with the four others after there was an engine trouble causing the plane to go down. The plane tried to land at the Tuscaloosa airport on Sunday but before reaching the runway, it crashed into the woods. A total of 11 children, all from Oxford, Mississippi, are now orphans.

Sarah wrote in her post, “It hurts to never have someone to call ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ again. And I don’t know why tragic, horrible things like this happen.” She added that he is heartbroken, sad, tired, and devastated but she has to keep her faith strong especially now that she no longer have parents.

She continued, “If we all stay strong and stick together we can get through this because I know this is what my parents would want! I know for a fact I will never physically see my parents … but they will never, ever leave my heart.”

Sarah is in eighth grade and has two younger siblings. She revealed in her post that she will be her sister’s Santa Claus and her brother’s helper when it comes to his homework.

The father of Sarah was a dentist in Oxford while her mother was a nurse at the University of Mississippi health center. The other people killed were identified as Jason and Lea Farese , who are both dentists, and Austin and Angie Poole. Austin was also a dentist. They were reportedly on their way home from a dental conference in central Florida.

The National Transportation Safety Board is yet to release a preliminary report on what cause the crash. Tuscaloosa police said that the aircraft did experience engine trouble but no other details are available.


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