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Brooklyn District Attorney ordered to pay $15,000 for using taxpayer’s money for his lunch

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Fourth Estate Staff

Brooklyn, NY, United States (4E) – Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson has to pay $15,000 after he was fined by the New York City Conflict of Interest due to him admitting that he charged his personal meals to his office.

Accordingly, officials said that the using of the taxpayers’ money to pay for his meals went on for months. Before admitting to the crime, Thompson said he believed it is of normal office procedure.

Legal ethics expert Bennet Greshman of the Pace University School of Law said in a statement that Thompson violated the New York City ethics code. He added, “In effect, the taxpayer is paying for his private meals. So he’s really using his official position for private benefit.” Thompson reportedly repaid the money he used to pay for his meals but he still has to pay an additional $15,000.

Thompson reportedly improperly billed $5,524 to the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. The breakdown is $2,043 on meals bought for weekdays from January 2014 to May 2014. Another part of the $5,524 is the $1,489 spent for dinners and weekend meals from January 2014 until February 2015. He repaid $2,043 in July 2014 while the latter was paid in August 2015.

The remaining $1,192 was said to be meals bought and brought in by his security. The security reportedly used their own money to buy Thompson’s meals, which he would later reimburse using the office’s money.

Thompson said in a statement, “The City of New York’s Conflicts of Interest Board and I entered into a Disposition concerning a violation of the City Charter. I accept complete responsibility for this violation and regret that it occurred.” He added that he will continue to work hard to keep the people of Brooklyn safe and to earn their confidence in him again.


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