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Brazilian police arrest head of European Olympic Committees over alleged ticket sale scheme

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (NewsBahn) – Brazilian police have arrested the head of the European Olympic Committees over an alleged ticket sale scheme in which he was said to be part of a effort to sell tickets for higher than their face value.

The profits from the scheme were said to be in the $2 million to $3 million range, according to a BBC report.

Police were said to have found the suspect, Patrick Hickey, in a hotel room and he reportedly answered the door to cops while naked.

Fellow Irishman Kevin James Mallon was also arrested on the day of the Olympic opening ceremony as part of the same alleged scheme.

Hickey is under suspicion for facilitating ticket touting, forming a cartel and “ambush” marketing.

He also sits on the International Olympic Committee.

The European Olympic Committees is an umbrella for 50 national Olympic committees.


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