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Boyfriend dead, girlfriend arrested and charged in Oregon shooting

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Klamath County, OR, United States (4E) – A 22-year-old woman was arrested in the fatal shooting of her boyfriend and this marked the first homicide in the county this year.

The woman, Kassandra Imbert , was arrested on Sunday while the boyfriend was identified as 25-year-old Tyler Balais . Officers responded to a report regarding a shooting at around 12:40 A.M. and found Balais dead.

Klamath County District Attorney’s Office said that the death of Balais is the third homicide in the past six days. Her preliminary hearing is set this Tuesday at the Klamath County Circuit Court. She has been charged with first degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, and use of unlawful weapon. A handgun was said to be used in the shooting.

The motive in the shooting or what the circumstances are that led to the shooting has not been revealed yet. The investigation is ongoing.

The other two homicides recorded in the past six days are said to be the death of a 74-year-old woman. A juvenile male was arrested in connection to the woman’s death. A California man was arrested last week in the death of his brother. The arrested man was identified as Travis Kimball. As per a 911 call by Kimball, 52, he told authorities that he stabbed his brother then shot him.

Last year, there were 11 homicides reported.

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