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Baby on waiting list for liver transplant waits only 40 minutes before a match came up

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Chicago, IL, United States (4E) – A baby on the waiting list for liver transplant waited only for 40 minutes before a match was found making both the parents of the child and the doctors amazed and shocked by the turn of events.

This is said to be a record breaker since most of the children who are on the waiting list for a liver donor wait for a maximum of 86 days. The baby was identified as Daniel McCabe. He was born last July and was diagnosed with biliary atresia . This disorder causes scarring in the liver and blocks the bile ducts. The baby was taken by his family to Lurie Children’s Hospital in early December for an evaluation but his condition started to deteriorate from then on.

The mother of McCabe, Melody, said that they were advised that the best hope for survival of their baby was a liver transplant. In Dec. 13, at around 10:15 A.M., McCabe was placed on the waiting list for the liver transplant. His doctors were then notified that there is potential match. Dr. Saeed Mohammed, the doctor who is taking care of McCabe, said that he has never seen anything that fast and believed that their decision to have him undergo liver transplant was the best thing since the baby’s health was deteriorating rapidly.

Melody also said that they are still in shock about how quick they got a notification about the possible match. Transplant surgeon Dr. Riccardo Superina also divided the adult-sized liver to be given to Daniel. The remainder went to another patient at another hospital.

According to the reports, the medical information of McCabe being posted on the wait list made him eligible to be matched quickly. The deceased donor’s information was also put up almost at the same time as McCabe’s information was available.

McCabe is said to be doing well now but is expected to stay in the hospital for a few more weeks. They are expected to be released by February.

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