Unicorns For Sale On Craigslist (But You Can’t Afford Them)

Wed, Dec 4th, 2013 | Posted In: Editor Picks / Viral | Written by: Dusten Carlson

unicorns for sale

The only thing that stands between you and granting your child’s wish for a unicorn for Christmas this year is $2,000,000.

Seriously, there are two actual unicorns listed on Craigslist right now. They’re in New Hampshire, they must be purchased together as a package deal, and they’ll run you $930,000 each.

We suspect elaborate hoax, but we really have no way of confirming that. We didn’t reach out because the ad clearly designates “SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY” and I’m not really in the market for two unicorns right now (I’m certain my landlord would kill me). I’m also not in the mood to pretend I’m in the market for two unicorns right now for 6 or 7 emails just to find out what this is all about. Deadline’s coming up.

Per the seller:

“We are selling 2 purebred unicorns. Male is 3 years old named Pagasus. Female is 5 years old and named Daisy. Price of $930,000 USD is per unicorn. Unicorns are hand fed from birth, and require just as much attention if you do decide to welcome a unicorn into your home. We are the only fully licensed unicorn breeder in North America, and are NUBAA certified. Call now to be put on the waiting list, on which wait times start at 9 months out. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE. We also offer unicorn eggs for purchase.”

If you’ve got money to burn, you can check out the unicorn Craigslist ad here.

[h/t - DailyDot]


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